VAT Implementation Services

Businesses need to take necessary steps for VAT implementation into their operations. ABCPA offers support to businesses for VAT implementation in KSA & UAE.
Steps involved in VAT Implementation Services:

Understand the business activity:

We obtain an understanding of the business for designing a VAT Implementation plan which meets VAT compliance requirements.

Training of Accountants:

In this phase, we provide training on the treatment of VAT to the accounting department.

Registration for VAT:

As part of VAT implementation, we advise regarding procedures and the date by which registration must be made.

Accounting systems under VAT:

The present accounting systems will be scrutinized. Proper classification/ grouping with appropriate chart of accounts suitable for VAT requirements will be suggested.

Invoicing under VAT:

The requirements of VAT invoicing under the VAT Law will be implemented. Proper guidance will be given to the IT persons and proper training to the Accounting and other departments connected to sales.
ABCPA supports the client by conducting training & advising them on the impact of VAT on their business. We provide VAT implementation services around KSA & UAE.