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Judicial Guards

Judicial guards are known as placing disputed funds at the disposal of a third person agreed by all owners on their appointment, and can also be appointed by the court. The subject of judicial guard can be movable or immovable funds, or both. Sometimes the disputing parties over common funds, including the event of a dispute over ownership or possession or administration, resort to the judicial or Executive authorities to judge the subject of their disagreement. One of the Parties may request the judicial authority to appoint a Receiver to take over the management of common funds among themselves, until it is judged on disagreement.

Our services as a judicial guard include access to the real situation of funds subject to receivership and take over all funds officially. Then, we manage and maintain the general activity, continue the ordinary course of business, supervise all funds, represent them to all parties. During the period of our work, we also provide periodic reports on the Workflow to the judge who appointed us, until it is decided by the receivership judge that our mission as a judicial guard is completed.

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