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Tax Agent Service

It will not be always possible for taxpayers to look after the issues on tax matters and resolve it with the tax authority (GAZT or FTA) by itself. It will be important for taxpayers to appoint an expert to handle tax matters.

Appointing a Tax Agent or at least a Tax Consultant will help taxpayer to identify the right “Dos and Don’ts” which will result is better tax planning.
Tax Agent can represent taxpayer in front of the Tax Authority and hence if any assessment notice comes in future for the taxpayer, the experienced Tax Agent’s service will be crucial.

Once ABCPA is appointed as your tax agent, we will be responsible to provide all the information, documents, records and data to the Tax Authority (GAZT or FTA) if requested to submit on behalf of you. We will act on your behalf with regards to your tax affairs.

Tax Agent Service in Saudi Arabia